Handling Updates and Changes in Records365

Proper handling of updates and change is always a challenge and even more so when running a SaaS offering such as Records365. Careful thought must be paid to each component of the solution, from the infrastructure to the logical architecture, and to each component’s individual strategy regarding updates and changes, as well as an overall holistic approach to change in the system. Resilience and support for change is accomplished by providing architectural options at each layer of the solution and by the avoidance of single points of failure, or more specifically, single points of an update.

Managing Content from Departmental IT

The age of the centralized enterprise content management is long over as there is simply too much benefit in the wide range of modern use cases available in today’s collaboration platforms to go back to the centralized command and control structures of the past. The avalanche of content also makes it impossible to go back even if we wanted to. The challenge for us then as the stewards of information in the enterprise is how do we ensure that policy is enabled (and enforced if desired) across these many sources?