Dynamic Asset Information Management in Resource Industries [Video]

Resource-extraction industries (Oil & Gas, Utilities, Mining) have long-lived, high-value assets and related records. These are kept for decades, which creates challenges. Even though these assets should be records, the information surrounding the asset is subject to constant changes.

For example, a well’s name may change over its lifetime, but employees may only know the well by the current name. Once asset information is in entered into an ECM system it is locked down. Over time becomes inaccurate, lost, or no longer relates to the information in the asset’s system of record.

In this webinar, KeenIM and RecordPoint present our vision for Dynamic Asset Information Management (DAIM), which addresses these challenges. DAIM creates one source of truth for assets by aggregating information from multiple systems. If information about the asset changes, it will be updated everywhere while fulfilling records-management compliance requirements.

If you’ve been struggling with outdated asset information management systems that don’t provide the information you need to drive decisions and act with agility, then this webinar is for you.

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